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PÉREZ-HOLANDA is one most important formation firms within its field of activity in Spain.

It is an experience training firm that renders its professional services to a large range of clients, both in Spain and abroad, comprising many areas of the law and being clearly specialised in Commercial Law, Company Law, Transport Law, and Technology Transfer.

The experience of its members, and the international scope of the files that handled, has created a high level of specialisation in providing services of high level formation and education for every kind of clients such as Universities,  Research Centres, Companies SME and multinational.

Each member of the Company has concentrated his activities in a specific aspect of the areas of concentration of the firm, providing legal, commercial and technical education services in their particular speciality. The task of every Professor is supported by the whole team of counsellors and assistants, combining their efforts and resources to reach the most adequate solution for every program in company or in general training courses.

Many members of the team of professionals has been invited to speak or perform in many of the main Universities of Europe, NAFTA, MERCOSUR and MENAI. Furthermore, they are capable of displaying their courses in the languages used in business world-wide: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The firm is a member of National and International Bodies, having acquired close relationships with the main foreign Education Centres.

The founder of the company, Professor Perez-Holanda, has heavy relations with industry and specially with SME as he has been and formerly is Secretary, member of the board and Legal Advisor and Lawyer for the Board of Directors, of several Stock Exchange Market Companies and SME all over the world, but specially in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Emirates - UAE, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Panamá, Paraguay, Portugal, Qatar, Turkey and USA.  

He also has many relations with Governments all over the world and Politicians (Europe, MENAI, GCC, MERCOSUR, NAFTA…) where has been working for: the Paraguayan Government (Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Commerce); the Spanish Government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), under the list of International acknowledged Lawyers of United Nations Organization (ONU/UN) for Missions of Peace. Also, he has been working successfully as Coordinator of programs for the IADB (INTERAMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK).

He is nowadays Associated Professor at the University of Oviedo on International Commerce Law, and is visitant Professor of many Universities in America, Europe and Africa, where he has participated in many academic projects on the EUROPEAN ACADEMIC INNOVATION PROJECT, ACTION B-2008 about International Business Law: improvement of foreign languages in the EHEA”(ref: PB-08-014). Economy and management of transports and logistics”. “International jurisdiction, forum and recognition and enforcement of decisions on the new EC procedural Law”, (ref: MCT-02-BJU-02182).

He has publications in many related fields such Exploitation of results in Innovation Centers, Exploitation of Results in Nanomaterial’s Research, Protection Protocols and Technology Transfer, Protecting, valuating and transferring technology, Doing Business in Spain,  International Joint Ventures,  High Tech Projects In  India and Morocco,  Negotiation of International Contracts,  Antitrust Law and Government  intervention, Recognition and enforcement of foreign notary documents in Spain International Commerce Law, 

He belongs and has many connections with social Institutions in the academic and business field like BIMCO-BALCO (Maritime Lawyers), CLADEA (The Business Association of Latin American Studies), CEOE (The Spanish Confederation of Employers´ Organizations. FADE, FEMETAL, the COMITTEE OF INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT-UNCITRAL-UN, FUNDACIÓN ESCUELA DE NEGOCIOS (BusinessSchool), IBA (International Lawyers Association) and IMARCO (Maritime and Commercial Arbitration Institute)... 












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